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10 Best TED Talks that will change the way you see life!

Have you ever wondered as to what are the exact strategies to change one’s life or shift one’s mindset is? Sometimes it takes years of soul searching, psychologists visits, seeking peace in materialistic things or perhaps even going to Ashrams and following the deity to get the most out of life!

Would you believe if I said that, a 20 to 30 minute of Ted Talk has the same impact as the one mentioned above?

For some of you who is wondering what a TED talk is - The TED Talks are the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). The talk features around niches ranging from Technology to Entertainment – you name it, you ‘’ll find it in here!

Are you astonished by the reading the last 2 lines? I felt the same too. When 4 years ago, I was recommended to watch or listen to TED TALKS. And let me tell you, those were the darkest periods of my life. I was initially reluctant, because I was going through so much personally, a loss that I never thought I can recover from and mostly nobody by my side to confide to. I can say that those were some of the soul searching and purpose seeking years.

At first, I was like thinking “How can a 20 minute Ted talk help me?” and the day I saw the first talk, I was immediately catapulted and engrossed into a whole new world. A world where I felt it was okay to not be okay, and the reassurance that I was never in this battle of trauma alone and to see visionary speakers come out of the same experience that I had gone through was more like a trivial moment for me to watch. And so 4 years later, here I am being the answer to the questions that I had sought. So this was when I was thinking, like, it would be a great idea to share some of the talks that have been etched to my heart to all of you guys!

So, here is my list of BEST 10 TED TALKS for my readers

(i) Get comfortable with being uncomfortable – Luvvie Ajayi

Luvvie Ajayi is a self-proclaimed professional “troublemaker” – well that is how she describes herself best. She is a writer and an activist who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. In this talk here, she encourages the listeners or whoever is watching the talk to stand up and not be afraid to ask questions. She caters on to three main questions to ask yourself if you’re on the verge of quieting yourself down in situations when you’re supposed to speak up. Watch the talk here to know what those questions are:

(ii) Trust your struggle – Zain Esher

ZAIN ASHER was born and raised in London. She graduated from Oxford University where she studied French and Spanish. Asher is a national business and personal finance correspondent for CNN, where she appears across platforms covering the latest news on money and the economy. She often reports from the New York Stock Exchange, covering equities and IPOs and interviewing entrepreneurs and dignitaries. Asher comes to CNN from MONEY magazine where she covered careers and investing, primarily focusing on stocks, mutual funds, consumer tech stories and workplace advice. Listen to this talk when you feel rejection while applying jobs (Trust me this talk truly changed my mindset)

(iii) Looks aren’t everything – Cameron Russel

Do you want some insights on the modelling world through the eyes of the model? Well then, take a look at this talk because supermodel Cameron Russel believes she won "a genetic lottery". But don't judge her by her looks. In this fearless talk, she takes a wry look at the industry that had her looking highly seductive at barely 16-years-old.

(iv) A small town girl can make it big too – Saloni Srivastava

This talk is one of my favorites. Not only for the fact that she’s my favorite Youtuber. But Saloni a pure soul who has an impeccable wit. She has defined success in her own terms and in this talk, you can observe from her words how a quintessential small town girl climbed up the ladder to be one of India’s leading YouTube content creators.Shes what we call “The Girl Boss” and this talk is a must watch for today’s millennial.

(v) The magic of not giving a f*** - Sarah Knight

"The Greatest prison people live in, is the fear of what other people think" is what the summary of this talk is.Sarah knight who is the author of a best-selling novel “The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck: How to Stop Spending Time You Don't Have with People You Don't Like Doing Things You Don't Want to Do", is an antidote to where your energy needs to be disseminated. She explains the reasons why people feel stuck and the way in which one can come out of that bubble.

(vi) The next outbreak? We’re not ready – Bill Gates

Who would have thought that 2020 would be a year where the perception on life would completely be shaken and changed? It seems that Bill gates had predicted 5 years ago, on how people aren’t ready to deal with a global pandemic. With the increase in technology, it’s as if that one has even forgotten that there is something stronger than that. And that is something you will discover in this talk.

(vii) The secret of becoming mentally strong – Amy Morin

“I always thought it was me vs. the world until I found it was me vs. me” - Kendrick Lamar. Amy Morin is a licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist. Amy’s advice has been featured by a number of media outlets, including: Time, Fast Company, Good Housekeeping, Business Insider etc.

For this month which iterates on mental health, this talk is a highly recommended one by me and I would urge you to watch it to know the difference between your mind and your body. Because at the end, your biggest warrior is you vs your mind

(viii) How to stop screwing yourself over – Mel Robbins

Mel Robbins is a married working mother of three, an ivy-educated criminal lawyer, and one of the top career and relationship experts in America. She is one of the fastest growing relationship Expert in the US and also has a show called “The Mel Robbins show”. Out of all the Ted talks that I have put here, if there is one thing that stands apart, then this is it.In one line if I can sum this talk, it would be “Change happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change.”

(ix) Thoughts on Humanity, Fame and Love – Shah Rukh Khan

Now, there is no introduction needed for the Bollywood mega star. He is a well-known face with a career spanning for decades among the global Film industry. With a tad of humor,watch the talk as Khan describes his life in limelight and the hard earned wisdom that he had learnt till date.

(x) Are we perpetuating Bias in our Society – Anjali Menon

Anjali is a critically acclaimed film director and script writer and is vocally strong about gender equality. She is an example of a successful personality and she shares what it really is like to be an impactful female in a male dominated society. This truly struck a chord in me and I would highly recommend everyone to watch this and to introspect on how the system of bias exists.

So here it is guys. I would recommend you guys to watch at least one talk a day and do let me know in the comments as to how you feel after either watching/listening to it!

Happy Watching!

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