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Hello everyone!

I am extremely happy and grateful to be welcoming all you lovely people to my blog. It was not so long ago that I wrote my previous post. I was quite hooked to writing for 20 weeks straight. I did enjoy every bit of it initially, but after a couple of weeks, with the amount of work creeping up on my table with my full time job, I had to steal my weekends to cope up in managing the insurmountable pressure. It was precisely at this time, that I felt the need to go on a break digitally, because my health was lingering in terms of being glued on to devices for all day long

Hence, that’s when the birth of digital detox came in light in my life. If this term is quite new to you, then let me give you some clarity into this. Digital detox is defined as a period of time during which a person refrains from using electronic devices such as smartphones or computers, regarded as an opportunity to reduce stress or focus on social interaction in the physical world.

It is presumed, that one opts for a detox when they are unwell or in the verge of feeling overwhelmed, but out of my experience, I would encourage a detox day to be incorporated every month to keep our body and mind aligned.

I mean think about it! With the advent of technology, we have lost our memory completely, that we need apps today to remind us to drink water, sleep 8 hours and even to have meals on time. Frankly, our situation have become quite pathetic. From smart watches to the innumerable pings on social media, we can never deny the fact that we are hooked on to the digital world more so than ever….

You might be thinking…well then how do we break free?? If this is in your mind, then read on to know more

Here are my top 10 manageable tips on how you can incorporate digital detox into your busy lifestyle.

(i) Designate a “NO PHONE” HOUR

In this day and age of a pandemic, research shows that we are glued on to not only screen but multiple screens at the same time, which in turn has resulted in various health issues especially in millennials. I completely agree with this one and I am not an exception. My life has become topsy turvy ever since this pandemic had begun. I had lost the count of hours and was forever sticking my eyes through the screen. And then, I came across a couple of videos on YT, on having a no phone hour every day and was immediately hooked into the idea of it. Here’s how it goes, every single day, dedicate 1 hour of your life wherein, you and your phone should serve detention and stay in different rooms. This is pretty tough in the beginning, but when you try to look at this as a tablet to stabilize your health, trust me, there is no turning back.

(ii) Turn off PUSH notifications

Have your felt that instant rush of adrenaline gush when you see that someone has liked or commented on your picture? Take Instagram for example…. Do you wait patiently or just pick up your phone immediately? I am guessing, you would be thinking the latter right…! No judgement at all…I am pretty much the same, cuz I have this feeling that I must look into it spontaneously, the moment the tone rings. Now that’s what’s called as an addiction and lemme tell you…it is a vicious cycle. It just robs us away from all of our time. A solution to this, can only be turning off or muting the notifications for as many apps as possible. Do this and let me know for how many times you had picked up the phone.

(iii) Put away your phone during meal time

Do you know that bringing your phone to the dining table is considered as unethical? I didn’t know this either…but thanks to the numerous articles that I had read, I had straightened my thoughts and admitted the fact that bringing your phone while having food is really not good manners. It’s rather defined as showing disrespect to the people with whom we eat and even to the food too. This leads to us not paying attention to the food that gets into our body, but rather to the gadgets that we pursue. Slip away your meal time, by relishing and savoring each mouth full of that delicious meal that’s right in front of you.

(IV) Is gadgets more important than fam jam?

If there is ONE IMPORTANT LESSON, that this pandemic has taught us and that is, to never take time spent with your loved ones for granted. Too many a times, we have neglected our family and have intruded our mobiles by playing the most popular games in gaming platform by making them feeling unwanted and uncalled for. One truth bomb that I would like to spill it out here is, life is uncertain and you never know when the moment that you spend with your confidante could become a distant memory. At the end of the day, showering love virtually, when you have ignored them in reality is truly not what life calls for. Think about this, the next time you take family time for the heck of it

(v) Put your thoughts to paper

As a millennial, do you remember why our childhoods were the best? I mean look around you…today, a baby is fed food by showing the mobiles or the gadgets that exist around in their homes. But thankfully, we had a tremendous childhood before technology took over. There was a period in which we used to write down our thoughts and submit it to school. The same way, try to incorporate this, by writing letters to oneself. Write as much as you can…but please don’t stop writing! Writing is and never be a form that’ll be dead. It is indeed eternal

If you are confused on what to write, then not to worry! I have a whole blog post to get you out of the rut.

(vi) Read! Read! Read!!

"There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate's loot on Treasure Island." – Walt Disney

Did Mr. Walt Disney just read my mind!! I back this quote 100%.The reason is, back when I was in my intense digital detox session (which lasted for 3 weeks)..I read close to 4 books and they were life changing. I had read Good Life, Good Vibes by Vex King, Elon Musk by Ashley Vancee, Becoming by Michelle Obama and finally The Art of Letting Go by Skyla Child and Team. These books just restructured my thoughts and brought me back to reality! Had I wasted my time by scrolling down the news feed

, it only feeds to the jealousy monster in my mind and never the part where we outgrow our old self. Books are not dead, but we must ensure that reading doesn’t

(vii) Get creative

The more time you spend on screens, the more time gets wasted, instead try to get creative. Paint, Dance, write music and do everything under the sun that inspires you to be that childlike within. You need not to be fantastic to get creative. Creativity is what you define it and it can be done in your own style and facon.This in turn lets you build new connections between neurons and sharpens your brain. Try this and I am sure you will enjoy it a lot more than I have written.

(viii) Application reset

Now to more on some serious business…. Pick up your phone and yes, I do mean pick up your phone and do that massive de clutter. Dedicate an hour and glance through your phone. Uninstall all those useless shopping or social media apps that chip away all your time from your hands. Tidy up all the apps and keep your space clutter free with only the essentials.

(Do let me know if you would like me to write on my steps on de cluttering electronic devices)

(ix) Phone usage tracking apps to the rescue!

On the contrary, to what I said above, an essential app to keep you in your toes and to stop you from being hooked on to gadgets is to have apps that can track the usage of the same. Some of the apps that you will have to give a try are App usage, Quality time, OFF time etc... These apps have comprehensive graph, wherein they show the time breakup that one spends and shuttles between different applications

(x) A tech free bedroom

Last, but definitely not the least, all of these pointers are curated to make sure that our health doesn’t go for a toss. Therefore, it is always recommended to practice to keeping the phone and laptops in another room and away from the bedroom to harness our sleep cycle. All gadgets must be at least in sleep mode an hour before going to bed. This is something which I am still guilty off, because I am still practicing this

Taking a digital detox sounds a little scary and there is a fear of always missing out, but once done, it’s truly a personal endeavor. So, don’t be afraid to disconnect.

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