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25 best journaling prompts for self-discovery and the best you!

On one of my previous posts, I was asked a lot on how to start journaling and what to journal about…. So I thought it would be a great idea to share a few journaling ideas to help you discover more about yourself.

Personally, I am trying my best to make sure that I answer these questions diligently, given the fact that everyone has started feeling like as if we are in some sort of a rut and the lock down blues are getting to us.

So before we start, I want you to answer these two questions to yourselves, if you find the answer to be yes, then I suggest you to read the post till the very end

(i) Are you tired of being stuck in a meaningless slump or on a confusing plateau?

(ii) Do you want to take some time and think about it, maybe write it out in a journal, but don’t know where to start?

If your answer is Yes, then you are at the right place…I have some cool prompts for you.Also,don’t get overwhelmed at this moment as I will also share some tips on how to use these prompts for the better..

My 25 journaling prompts are:

Ø Who are you according to you (This is how you define yourself)

Ø What are your key strengths?

Ø What are you the most proud of?

Ø How do you define happiness?

Ø What are you most grateful for?

Ø What is your purpose in life?

Ø What is that one thing you want to learn in life and why?

Ø What do you really want out of life?

Ø Who do you want to serve in life?

Ø Why are you being hard on yourself and for what purpose?

Ø What specifically do you need to forgive yourself for? What have your error(s) in judgment taught you?

Ø What do you appreciate the most about your life and why?

Ø What is the one thing that you need to come to peace with?

Ø What is the one thing that you’ve let go that was once the world to you? Are you happy with/without it?

Ø Have you been neglecting your inner voice?

Ø In the past month, have you stepped out of your comfort zone (at least slightly). What did you learn from that experience?

Ø Do you feel jealous or overwhelmed when you see someone doing better in life than you? If yes, how are you dealing with it?

Ø What is that one thing that you take in life for granted?

Ø Do you ever take some time off and speak to yourself? In what way are you comforting yourself?

Ø What’s something so true about you that you need to embrace it more openly?

Ø Have you had a heartbreak? In what way has it changed you? Be more specific.

Ø Have you been giving importance to judgements and opinions of others rather than your own voice?

Ø What is something that you used to rattle you, but no longer bothers you? Why?

Ø How has your relationship with yourself altered? In what way it made you a better or a miserable person?

Ø How far have you come? How much have you grown? Think about the specifics of your recent and long-term growth. What have you not given yourself enough credit for?


(i) To start off, pick a few of the ones that resonate with you the most and just get started. Remember: The toughest part is to get started, once you start off, it will get easy

(ii) If you are new to journaling, I suggest you take just 15 minutes each day (irrespective of night and day) and just be sincere in the process. In this time, answer one question out of the lot that you want to seek peace with the most

(iii) There is no rule that you need to answer these questions only once. Answer innumerable times as you want…it can be even a 100 times. But keep answering it, unless you feel satisfied with the outcome


· It’s normal to feel scared to answer these questions all at once. The point of these whole prompts is to bring out the best in you and not to put you into an emotional roller coaster. Any time, you feel like your stressing out to bring the answer, I suggest you to please stop it...because nothing needs to be pushed and you need not be too hard on yourself to seek an answer

· You can take even a year’s time to answer these questions, but the point is work on it every single day (like just 1 question a day). This is what I am going to be doing personally.

My personal advice:

Please don’t have an intention on finishing 20 questions on one go! That is surely not the point of journaling and this might lead to burning out!

However that it is you decide to write, write honestly. The main point of journaling is to gain an insight on your own life, more like self-reflection and in a way it is the process of going deep within to find your inner voice

Your journal is yours. If you want to see changes in you, then I urge you to be brutally honest with yourself sans filters. Please don’t lie to yourself as it is only going to make you feel more miserable at the end. It’s completely fine, even after journaling if you don’t feel better. That’s life my friend!

What works for one may not work for another! But if you decide to give it a shot, just be honest with yourself!!!

You don’t owe this to anyone. This is your life

So, make it count!!

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