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Hello my lovelies!

I am so happy to write the second post of the self-care series and I thought what better than talking about affirmations. As you all know, we live in a fast paced and an empowering community. If we want to keep up with the tenacious competition, the only way is to level up your game and get yourself running as a girl boss. And it’s not strange at all, that amidst the path of going above and beyond, it is natural to feel burned out, frustrated and even just lazing around. To strike back against all these emotions, we as millennial face today, it is essential to always remind ourselves that we are enough just the way we are. And that’s why I recommend you to read this post to know more

What are affirmations?

Everything that we repeatedly say to ourselves out loud or in our thoughts are an affirmation. This can be either positive or negative. The self-talk that you indulge within yourself is an affirmation. The way you assure yourself is an affirmation. In a nutshell, if I can cover it up, when you water and nurture the seeds every day, they will grow into a beautiful plant. Consider the seeds to wisdom to be sown into your heart!

Why are affirmations needed?

You know, there is a saying that, “A man who says it’s possible and It’s impossible are both right”! Got confused? Well, let me word it better. When you let positive thoughts creep in your mind and when your state of mind is balanced, even the most difficult task can be done in a giff. But, at the same time, if you keep telling yourself, that it can’t be done, then even the easiest task will seem like a hassle to you. This is one strategy that I am personally implementing and learning new things every day. Or, I must say that those are experiences to be cherished. At the simplest level, when we feel good about ourselves and have a positive attitude, our lives tend to run smoothly. On the other hand, our fear have a self-fulfilling prophecies, that it sort of manifests itself into a reality when we think the opposite.

What are the benefits of affirmations?

Before diving straight right in, I want to tell you that, your life will change only if you are willing to do all the work and this is not a magic pill to give u instant gratification to fulfill all your needs and desires to be a better person. Change is visible only when we do the work to better our inner self

Now that the above is made clear, let’s see what the benefits are:

(i) Helps to raise confidence and boost energy level

(ii) Increased self-esteem and belief in oneself

(iii) Improving productivity

(iv) Helps in developing a sense of accountability to our actions

(v) Aids in controlling anger, feelings of unworthiness and sense of panic

These are some of the sample benefits and they may vary from one person to another.


These affirmations are some examples and please feel free to modify it according to your personal choice. It can be as specific as to what you want to achieve or change. I am sure the examples below would be like a trajectory to guide our way through troubled waters

Repeat after me!

(1) I am enough!

(2) I can do this!

(3) No matter what happens, I will come out of this, in a much better way

(4) What others talk about me are none of my business!

(5) I know that I am worth it

(6) I will not compete with anyone, since my only competition will be with the person I was yesterday

(7) What is meant for me, will ultimately find its way

(8) Everything will happen, when it’s supposed to happen

(9) I will love myself irrespective of the situations

(10) I am bold, brave and beautiful

(11) I am intelligent, important and independent

(12) I am capable of anything that life throws at me

(13) I have no regrets about my past, it made me the person that I am today

(14) Its okay to not to feel okay

(15) You’ve got this! And you’re doing the best that you can!

(16) I am so proud of how far you’ve come. Those haunted memories have made you a stronger woman

(17) Don’t compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 100.You are in your time zone and they are in theirs

(18) I am no longer accepting the things that I can’t change. I am changing the things that I cannot accept

(19) Its okay to go with my gut feeling. My inner self knows what’s right and what’s wrong for me

(20) The most important relationship that I have in my life is the one with myself and henceforth, I will never leave me for anyone or anything.

(21) I will not settle for anything less than I deserve

(22) I will not let numbers define my happiness

(23) What success means to me might not seem real success to a few and that’s totally fine! I am living my life and not theirs.

(24) My life is not a rat race and I am making consistent progress at a steady pace

(25) Not everyone needs to understand my vision and dream and that’s totally fine!

(26) My life isn’t over yet. I will grow through this

(27) It might seem like it’s raining now, but I am sure that at the end, every cloud will have a silver lining

(28) I know that good things will come to me

(29) Its okay to cry and brood over it…But I will not get beat up. I will get back up and fight it out.

(30) I will not compare my life to an Instagrammy lifestyle. I am living in the best way that I can

(31) I will celebrate even my smallest wins. Because, that is a reflection of my hard work

(32) I am grateful to have a wonderful family who sticks through thick and thin

(33) It’s okay to outgrow those who prevent me from growing

(34) It’s okay to cut people off my life if I feel that they are being a toxic pill

(35) I am allowed to feel sad on days where I SHOULD feel happy

(36) I will not let social network decide my worth or identity

(37) Its okay that I am still trying to figure out what’s good for me

(38) Its totally fine to confide in someone for help. Accepting that I don’t know certain things, is a sign to be willing to learn and that doesn’t make me feel dumb and stupid

(39) I am not scared to be alone in my life. There is a reason that I am here today and I will be able handle to it

(40) I will not give the key to my happiness in someone else’s pocket. This is my life and I am the captain of my ship!

So, there you have it guys, I can’t wait to see your version of affirmations and please make sure that you drop the same in the comments down below!

Stay happy peeps! This too shall pass!!

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