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6 TRIED and TESTED strategies to help you overcome the shiny object syndrome as a Blogger

Have you ever wondered, what’s the one thing that’s stopping you from taking action? Is it because you’re too much focused on the results or comparing your progress to someone else?

I am guessing that the above situation resonates with your current self…I have been there and I truly understand how you feel.

But truth is, the more often we sit and brood over it, we feel prey to these gimmicks and one such scenario which outbursts as a result is the Shiny Object syndrome

If you’re thinking what SOS is – then let me explain it in a bit more clearer way. Shiny Object syndrome is not a disease in any way, if you’re fretting about it now…It’s just the process of changing the course of action in a way where instant gratification is guaranteed.

And the end point where you stop is – You have taken a bite everywhere and left it halfway. You are unable to make any progress, because you left these disturbances get to your mind.

And let me put this out…As a blogger, I have felt this urge in many ways. Since I have been blogging for almost 6 months now, I think that I can speak from my experience. This is just not applicable to the field of blogging. Be it any side hustle, from Youtubing to Digital Marketing, feel free to sprawl it based on the work that you do.

Hence, to eliminate this nuance, read on to know my Tried and Tested strategies that made me overcome SOS.

(I) Know your Why power

Of course, I must start with this point. Be it anything you do from professional work to personal chore, if you’re unable to figure out your Why power, then the work that you do henceforth would be of no use and would pretty much leave you exhausted and impoverished. So, if you’re thinking to do something, it can be as simple as cleaning the dishes – I say visualize your goals. Understand and go deep within to seek the reason why you would want to do this. It can be like, you wanna do the dishes now, so that your kitchen looks clutter free and that it doesn’t rob away your time the next day.

Likewise, imagine, if you’re passion is all about blogging, ask these questions to yourself. This is the most important step to get you pumped up

(i) Why do I want to start blogging?

(ii) What am I going to write about?

(iii) In which way would I want to create an impact to the reader?

(iv) Would I like to earn money while writing?

(v) Is it possible to see this as a profitable career?

If you don’t find out your Whys – then trust me, you would waste tons of your time figuring it out in the long run

(2) Eliminate Compare Schlagger

“Comparison is the thief of joy” - Theodore Roosevelt.

And how true could this quote be! , you need to understand that growth comes with a package of abandonment and hatred. One needs to strike a balance between the good and bad. Instagram is a perfect example of reel life and they have defined happiness in such a way that real life has become completely undesirable. Trust me... I was also doing the comparison game and the only thing that came out of it, was looking at my life in a pity. But if there is something that I understood out of all this, is, I AM ME AND THAT’S MY SUPERPOWER. It’s unfair to compare your chapter 0 to someone’s chapter 100.In the exterior, they might seem overly accomplished but that sometimes turns out to be bait too. You never know, what that person is fighting behind the scenes.

You have a flair for writing and that’s your style – it’s something that can never be taken away from you! So, the next time you find yourself looking too much into another person’s life, remember to put blindfolds on!!

(iii) Time blocking does wonders

For every task that you do, you need to create a set routine. It’s very easy to come up with something like “Oh I wanna write a blog post”. But without a direction on answers to the how and when, you’re definitely gonna land up feeling unmotivated.

Pick a day and time that works the best for you. It could be either weekdays or the weekends. Anything that suits your lifestyle. I personally find weekends very comforting to write, because of my work schedule throughout the week. And once you have chosen the day, try blocking an hour or 2 for uninterrupted writing or for brainstorming your ideas. This helps you to get relieved of so much of what’s going on in your head.

(iv) Have a no phone hour

Now that you have come up with the day and time that you would wanna write, the next step is to switch off your phone! Yes, I mean it…You might be thinking like How could this help me battle SOS? Hear me out!

Tell me if this situation sounds familiar to you. You woke up one morning and you’re ready to conquer the world by finishing off your post that you promised yourself that you would get it done. But suddenly, a notification pops up in Insta or Whats App. You think to yourself “I’ll get back to writing in another 5 mins” and before you even know it, an hour would have passed in the glimpse of an eye. By this time, you would be updated with all the social media posts that your competitors were posting and this thought of not feeling good pops up. There!! End of story!

So, to emulate this, is why I encourage you to start small. First switch off your phone and commit to 10 minutes of diligent writing. Not a second more and not a second less… (I learnt this technique by reading many articles on time blocking). Once you have started, believe me if I say this…. You wouldn’t even know that 10 minutes had passed by and you would still be writing…If you think otherwise, I suggest you try this RIGHT NOW!


Right from a young age, we have all been conditioned to bite more than we could possibly chew. While sometimes this is okay, if you’re a writer…this is a big NO NO. During the early days of my writing, I was a victim of this too…

I used to look at which platform would be better to bring better traffic to my blog. I saw many people talking about Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and I tried it all out…. It was like 2 weeks of FB, 1 week of LinkedIn and 2 weeks of Pinterest (just to say an example). When I didn’t see results, I switched on from one platform to another and then to the rest. In a nutshell – I was more focused on the results than the small progress that I was making. In retrospect, I am so glad that I identified this toxic pattern early on and made myself stern to a point to focus on just one platform. The reason why I am saying this is, I have seen lots of people from my niche, being constantly bombarded by other people’s comments and views on what worked for their peers and then following the same path

One big takeaway from this experience was – What works for me might not work for someone else and what works for others may not be the fit for me

(vi) Hone your reading skills!

How can I finish a post without giving due to credit to reading?

If there was something that helped me get out of SOS…I would genuinely owe it to the kinds of books that I read. I have read quite a few books, which focuses on building habits and productivity and some of them are

(i) Atomic Habits by James Clear -

(ii) The 7 habits of Highly effective people – Stephen Covey

(iii) Hooked by Nir Eyal -

So here you go guys! These are my top 6 tried and tested methods which helped me to overcome the SOS. As a new blogger, I am still thriving and learning a lot of new things. If you would want me to make a post of your choice, feel free to comment down below

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Prathiba Leo
Prathiba Leo
Dec 27, 2020

Hello ! Please scroll down the website and you will be able to see a subscribe button. Do input your details and the EBook will be delivered directly to the registered mail id :)


Dec 26, 2020

Hi, Nice post! I was looking for a free Ebook mentioned here.


Prathiba Leo
Prathiba Leo
Oct 08, 2020

Thank you so much Anusha !! I am glad that you enjoyed reading it :)


Anusha Avadhani
Anusha Avadhani
Oct 06, 2020

I can totally relate to what you said about time blocking. Just start for 10 min, and you'll finish that task before you even know. Great article as always pratibha

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