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Hello everyone!

I don’t understand why, but I have had many people getting on DMS and being curious enough in asking me 1 common question and (i.e) How can I get my blog posts to be click bait friendly?

To tell you the truth, the first time I heard the term “CBF”, I was stunned. It was because as a blogger, I didn’t know that this was one of the major problems that writers were facing today. And hence, I thought I might spill in some secrets to all my fellow readers today.

So, buckle up folks!

Why having a catchy headline matter?

When I read a blog post in Copyblogger, it said that 80% of your visitors will read your headline – but only 20% will go on to finish the article. It seems ironic right? I mean I felt the same too. In spite of all the efforts that we bloggers put in churning out fresh content, little do we notice the importance of a phrase that a headline has.

Modern online article headlines are tricky – they need to be SEO keyword friendly, but also should be unique and creative. The end result should be irresistible and click friendly headlines. Now that’s something that we need to focus on, don’t we?

If you’re like me, your eyes encounter nearly a couple hundred headlines before you’ve finished your cuppa coffee? What makes you read one post over another? It’s all about the headline – that magical string of words that captivates and excites. It sort of compels you to click…You get it right?

Let me dish out 15 BEST HEADLINE WRITING TIPS to help you out better.

(i) Be specific

Specificity and authenticity are what you need to play around while framing your headline. When you have decided to write a blog post, your headline should be as specific and ON POINT to what your blog is about. At no point or the other, should the former diverge its trajectory and move into a completely different path.

E.g. – How to write a killer blog post in no time?

(ii) Add lists, numbers and digits

Starting your headline with a number helps the headline stand out amongst the rest. Just as the human eye is drawn to contrasting colors, we’re also naturally drawn to the positioning of digits resting beside text. A list also gives readers a clearer idea of what to expect in your post, as well as promising a quick glance.

Some of the list words that you can incorporate are:

(i) Hacks

(ii) Reasons

(iii) Strategies

(iv) Methods

(v) Lists

(vi) Reasons

(vii) Techniques

(viii) Facts

(ix) Tips

(x) Tricks

E.g., Tips to manage your time better while working from home

Now, I suppose it’s easier to form a headline with this list?

(iii) Call for attention

As I mentioned in the beginning, your headline needs to be a hook and that hook is with which you need to play to grab the attention of your readers. It is highly important your headline has 3 unique factors to help you out. Because, once the headline is done and the reader is hooked, then half of the worry is gone, they will stay till the end to finish off your article.

And for that to happen you need to follow the steps as below

* Develop a sense of urgency – You need to develop a call-to-action mindset amongst your readers to let them know that they’re gonna miss a lot if they aren’t willing to read your post NOW. But am I meaning to say that you should force them? No, absolutely not. Nothing good ever comes out of forcing.

Instead, you need to address your article in a way which makes them to stop what they’re doing and to focus on your article

E.g. – 10 THINGS to get rid of now if you want to live a happy life

* Provide a sense of excitement to your audience

It’s your job to get reader psyched about reading your post. They should feel elated and have a feel that they’re gonna learn something new from you.

(iv) Your headline should help your audience

And that’s the main purpose of writing a blog, right? I mean in the end; it’s about educating your masses.

People often search online to educate themselves or learn more about a particular subject. They want to learn how to start a career in freelancing, how to create a YT video or even be a social media influencer. Many successful headlines use the “how to” concept with some extra embellishment. Starting all your articles with “how to…” gets really monotonous and might seem like a drag, so think of creative ways to present a “how to” article in a different way.

E.g., 3 Best Methods for learning a new language

6 Strategies for starting off as a You tuber

Build Your Own Side Hustle: A Beginner’s Guide

Hot headline writing keywords like “101” and “Complete/Beginners Guide” are great to include in educational posts. Using words like these assures the readers that your article will be in layman and broken down in the simplest terms that they can understand, and crafted towards beginners.

(v) Confusion is a big NO

In my experience per say, I have stopped reading many articles or even closed the tab because the headline seemed really confusing and did not adhere to what the article was about. Not only does it develop a sense of anguish amongst the readers, there are chances that your post might not remain clickable.


Your article might seem great but if the headline lacks clarity, then I’m afraid to say that your effort would go down the drain.

(vi) Play around with adjectives

Yes, you’ve got to raise the bar in your content game. But, always use common words and adjectives that people can relate to. That’s how you can encourage fellow internet marketers, content marketers and bloggers to share your content. Your level of certification on mastery of languages should be shown while writing the content piece and not while giving off the title.

Use adjectives like fun, free, best, absolute, effortless, interesting, essential, incredible etc.

(vii) Use tools to analyze your title

Last but definitely not the least, if you still feel like you’re struggling to come up with eye catching titles, then I would suggest you to try out the analyzer tools on understanding the depth of the score of your headlines. Not only does it analyze the title, it also provides recommendations on which title would suit better. (based on SEO, emotions, word count etc.)

Some of the tools that exist today can be found on Google

So, that’s it guys!

What I have shared above is some of the BEST STRATEGIES that worked for me. Then again, I would recommend you to read as many articles and do a simple trial and error method to see what works out the best for you.

Happy researching !

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