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7 best Netflix shows for Millennials

Gone are the days when we used to sit in front of a television, and wait hours and perhaps days to watch one of the most sought after shows to be aired on TV.With the digital era at a peak and the consumption of online media at a fast pace, it is quite difficult to know which particular series or drama to watch first.

There is absolutely nail biting and amazing content on Streaming sites today.

In my post here, I have chosen Netflix, since it is the most sought after platform, especially by millennials and find out 7 best shows that exists on the platform today!!

(i) Million Pound Menu

Being a foodie, this show has to be the top of my list. A British reality television show hosted by Fred Sirieix ,where budding restraunters (either who run a street food chain or are aspiring to open one) approaches top investors of the UK for their restaurant idea. In each episode of the series, two new restaurant ideas get their own pop-up in Manchester in an attempt to gain backing from the investors.

My personal favorite episode is the battle between “Epoch and Shrimpwreck”.Watch this specific episode if you would wanna observe, how 2 women in the early 20s shock the investors with their food and business ideas.

(ii) Shark Tank

Similar to the above, this American reality TV show is the version of UK’S Dragon’s Den. It shows entrepreneurs making business presentations to a panel of investors or “sharks” who decide whether to invest or not in their ideas. The sharks are multi billionaire, business tycoons who come from all walks of life to find that one idea and convert it into a multi billion dollar business.

Mark Cuban, Kevin O'Leary,Robert Herjavec and Daymond John are some of the notable sharks of this prime team show

It’s pretty difficult to pick one favorite out of all the seasons. But to start off, do watch off Season 8 for some innovative and out of the box ideas :)

(iii) Dirty Money

Now…It isn’t a secret that our society is corrupt. Every day, there is some sort of news on money laundering and tampering. With all the scandals happening around, it is kind of difficult to keep track on. This show is a Netflix original which exposes the story of corporate corruption, securities fraud and creative accounting running the world.

Every person has a different taste and it’s completely unfair to just pick one episode of them all. So I’d suggest you can pick and choose which interest you the most.

(iv) Inside Bill’s Brain – Decoding Bill gates

Have you ever wondered as to what is so fascinating about Bill gates? His brain of course…This business mogul not only created the most versatile software ,but also, his company has become twice the most valuable on the planet.

"I don't want my brain to stop working," Gates tells in the first two minutes of the film. The tips that he shares in this in depth documentary is to be made by everyone who is reading this post.Reading,Innovation,Practice etc…..are some of his best tips.

Out of them all, I highly recommend you to watch this show for that much needed dose of inspiration.

(v) The Crown

The British Monarch is one of the respected and the well-known royal institutions in the world. But behind the gates of the Buckingham Palace, what is it that really goes on?

This is one of the most intriguing questions that I had. Behind the glamorous and the paparazzi hounded life, there has to be some secrets that were buried deep within centuries of the unknown. If you too, had the same notion, then this historical drama is the one for you!

The series begins as set in late 1947, where the wedding of HRH Queen Elizabeth II to Prince Philip till the Queen’s reign into early 21st century.

Put yourself in the shoes of a royal insider and enjoy all the nuances that this one has to offer

(VI) Mind Hunter

There has to be a suspense thriller in this list and I thought what more than to pick Mind Hunter. If you are one who loves to us to throng over series like NCIS,CSI and Quantico, then this FBI crime thriller should be on the top of your must watch series on Netflix.

An edge of the seat psychological crime drama that is guaranteed to be etched to your memory.

A psychology test to imprisoned serial killers and a behavioral mindset test to see how they think and respond in the hope of applying this aspect to solve the existing cases

(vii) La casa de Papel (Money Heist)

And last but definitely not the least, this post wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t add Money heist to this list J

This has gotten me completely addicted and is a hands down recommendation to everyone who are new to Netflix world.

The Spanish crime drama which is set in Madrid has the most promising narrative as told in a real time like fashion and much relied on flashbacks for suspense and complexity. The series revolves around The Professor who recruits 8 notorious people who have the names as cities of the world (code names) to carry out an ambitious heist at the Royal Mint of Spain and The Bank of Spain.

If you want a pump of adrenaline rush, well-dosed touches of humor and a lot of tension, then Money Heist is my top recommendation.

So here it is…..My ultimate 7 best shows for today’s day and age!!So what are you waiting for? Grab your popcorn and start your Sunday night with the best TV shows that there is today.

Do let me know your recommendations in the comments below :)

Happy watching!!!!

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