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Expand your mind. Nurture your heart. Develop your body. Cultivate your soul - Matshona Dhliwayo. This is one quote which stuck by me when I felt that I was in a rut and had breakdowns more often than usual. And let me tell you this, during times like these, where we are remote and completely cut off from near and dear ones. This is completely natural and it’s totally OK to feel that way. I was in this phase for the past couple of weeks and it became worse in a way that It took a massive toll on my health. And that’s when I decided to take a couple of days off from my work to reset and introspect my current routine.

And man!! I must tell you, that it had been the best decision ever. Had I not listened to my body and soul aching and crying out, then the consequences would have been a bit more severe. So, to cater to my emotional well being, I followed a reset routine to get myself back up.

These are my personalized methods and I hope that they will serve as a guide down the road.

So let’s begin!

(i) Affirmations:

If you are wondering what affirmations are, they are just “love notes to yourself” – in a nutshell. There are times where we feel low and down, and we just scroll down through our phone, hoping for that one person, be it a parent, well-wisher, partner or an acquaintance to remind us that we are worthy, loved and cared for. But can I tell you a truth? I have come to realize this in recent times. It’s the fact that nobody has time to think about anyone but themselves. Hats the truth bomb, seriously !If there is someone that can save you, it is YOU AND ONLY YOU. So,one thing I can say is go with the flow and to not be too hard on yourself.

If you want to know, what the set of affirmations that I practice are, please click the link down below:

(ii) Journaling

I have spoken in great length about journaling and the amazing benefits that it had given me.Whenever I feel overwhelmed or super stressed, I just pick up a notebook and a pen and write out whatever comes out of my mind. It is just random thoughts or somethings that keep bugging me and not letting me to do my usual work (both personal or professional). When I start to write, I sort of feel that ease in my stomach and a great sense of relief down my heart. If you’re an absolute beginner in journaling, then don’t fret at all…I have an entire blog post to help you out

(iii) Breathe in and breathe out!

Now, to my readers who are my close friends and acquaintance, might find this funny when I am preaching about meditation. But you know, there were years when so many of them pestered me to meditate but back then, I would shun it out saying “I didn’t have time”. But this time, I wanted to give it a serious shot to this, because firstly I was quite curious to try it out, by the suggestions from my family and friends. And you know, when I tried it, my first inkling was, “Why didn’t I try this before?” What I’m saying here is, since I am an absolute beginner, I started off with the basic Pranayams,I focused on one part of my body and I just decided to listen to that part by just breathing in and out and observing the patterns in which my body was reacting to. And this was the most divine feeling ever.

(iv) Indulge in a special self-care routine

Once you have taken a day off from your regular work, make sure that you treat yourself to a mindful self-care routine. My ideal routine is to always apply a face mask, a self-pedicure and just listen to some soul music. There is a misconception that self-care routines needs to be lavish and that one needs to max out credit cards for some spa sessions. But that ain’t a truth. A self-care routine that looks to you is not the one that looks to someone else. So, never compare your routines to another person’s life.

If you want some cool ideas on how to create your ideal routine, then click on the link to read more

(v) Get some fresh air!

To break off from the same old routine and some bugging thoughts, it’s essential to just break free and go for a long walk. If you have the fear of COVID, maybe just take your chair and sit out in your terrace or your balcony. Get some natural air and at least in this time, try your best to stay away from technology. Technology can be frustrating and useful at the same time, and the best thing that you can do at times like these, is to opt for a digital detox and not think about anything

(vi) De clutter (digital and physical space)

As mentioned above, a clear space leads to a clean state of mind. It’s not enough to just clean the physical space, but also your digital space also needs to be sorted. Since you have taken the decision to take a break away from a regular routine, that surely doesn’t mean that you need to spend time in social media all day long.The day is yours, so for now, focus ONLY ON YOURSELF and not in the mindset of clinging on to social media. Allocate like 2 hours in a day and clear off everything that’s bothering you. Unfriend, Block, Unfollow for your own well being. In the physical space, try to make it a point that you clear off excessive stuff by packing it away in a carton box.

(vii) Read books or perhaps listen to podcasts

Books are a great way to escape from the reality and as you all know, they transform us completely to a new space. I have been an avid reader of books ever since I was 5 years old and thanks to my Dad, I have been completely addicted ever since. I still fancy physical books over audio books but due to my hectic work schedule, I have moved on to audio books to chip away my downtime. Do let me know if you guys, would love to see my book recommendations and I would be happy to create a blog post on the same.

There are 2 of my most favorite apps that I listen to and they are Storytel and Blinkist

My current read is Ikigai and I will make a book review on the same!!

(viii) Eat a wholesome meal

Now I am guilty because of the fact, that I eat my meals in a rush. As young adults, we have so much to conquer in this world and food can never be taken lightly. They are our energy boosters and we need them to make sure that our health never takes a backseat. I am implementing a new habit and that is to eat without any screens at bay. I am trying to relish every mouth of my food and to make a note of what goes in my system. No matter the circumstances, a wholesome meal should never be compromised

(ix) Sleep like a baby!

And last but definitely not the list, sleep as much as you want, this is your routine and there is no rule as to what you need to follow. To keep oneself up and running a good 8 hours of sleep especially for the millennial generation is essential and it should never be replaced. Sleep is inevitable and it shouldn’t be compromised under any levels

So, there it is guys, this is my personalized reset routine that helped me cope up with feelings of anxiety.

You know, I would suggest that you tweak this according to your liking and lifestyle.

Do let me know in the comments section about your thoughts on the same

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