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My HONEST and GENUINE review on Hustle Post Academy

“The greatest investment that you can do, is the one in yourself” – This is one quote which resonates with me too much when I come to talk about this academy and my experiences here.

So for all my readers who are probably thinking what HP academy is, don’t worry, I have got you covered and I have tons of information to share with you guys !

So, to begin with, Hustle Post is founded by one of India’s top leading Youtuber Saloni Srivastava. Saloni is a millennial you tuber and her target areas for creating content are on productivity, millennial lifestyle, finance and food. If you want to check her channel out, please click the link down below:

What is Hustle Post Academy?

HP Academy is an academy which is exclusively created by Saloni for people who would want to escape the cliché 9-5 scenario and to look beyond that facade. The purpose of this academy is to make your side hustle grow into a full time career in 1 years’ time.

But before I begin to tell you about the module, I wanted to say one thing very upfront and that is: Although this academy, is built to make your side hustle transform into a full-fledged career, it is to be ensured and taken into account that this course is no magic wand that can transform your life in a whiff. Ultimately, if you are willing to do the hard work and put in 100% of your dedication into this, then there is nothing that can stop you! Sky is the limit guys!

For whom is this academy for?

As, I said above, it is not only for people who would want to escape the 9-5 circle, but also for the ones, who aspire to be their own boss someday. Let me give you an example to interpret this better, let’s say, that you have a knack in writing kick ass content on social media and no matter what is the topic given to you, you know that you can write plagiarism free content in a couple of hours. And that skill is like a gold mine. You aspire to make writing your business and are unsure on which direction to go and also, you feel a lack of knowledge on the technical aspect of business. If these are all the thoughts in your mind, then your one stop destination is Hustle Post Academy

The above is my personal example, but irrespective of the side hustle ideas (eg.Youtube content creator, Virtual Assistant, digital marketing business... etc.)From A to Z, if you have any idea (or even if you just have only a speck of an idea), you can find the road map to go towards your goal from this academy.

And myself being an early bird student of this academy, this has been one of the best investments that I have ever made. I signed up for this course, within a couple of hours of launch. I wasn’t skeptical one bit, because I believed in Saloni and since I am a subscriber of her channel for the past 3 years, I knew that whatever it is, that she’s putting, wouldn’t lack quality one bit

What will you get from this academy?

Once that, you have decided to invest in yourself, by signing up for this course, then you can purchase the same from the link given here:

If you feel like the price is too high, then think about it this way, for 1 year all together the cost is 7499 INR and that equals an investment of just INR 20 per day...(That’s not a lot…don’t you think?)

Right after you have made your payment, you will be receiving your welcome kit via the registered email and the kit contains goodies such as

· An exclusive kit that contains the list of side hustle ideas that you can pursue (Trust me, when I went through that list, I had so many new ideas popping up one after another)

· You will get a login id and password to get access to the course on their portal

· A free access to their Facebook community, where you get an opportunity to interact with nearly 600 creators

· Also, there are office hours and co working sessions which are organized every week (for 2 days) at free of cost, and here you will receive personalized attention from Saloni herself

· The bonus is, for 12 months duration of the course, you get 12 free courses and they are known as monthly power ups.You don’t need to pay a penny for this. These power up courses are like a mountain of knowledge. You can find in the images, the list of courses that are bound to be offered to you

What are the courses covered in this academy?

The curriculum of this courses is divided into three sections and they are:

Ø The foundation course

Ø The Monthly power ups

Ø The live Engagement

The Foundation course is the one that you need to take as soon as you are enrolled in the academy. The foundation course contains lots of worksheets, workbooks and fun activities that are bound to keep you engaged throughout the course. I find this the best part. The reason is, in the past, I have attended many online courses and nothing made me stick on to what I was learning when compared to HP. These fun activities will give you a clear vision of our goal and unknowingly, you would be creating the roadmap all by yourself. Doesn’t this sound interesting?

With the printable versions of these modules, you get an exact strategy as to which direction you need to take. They are available in PDF as well as EXCEL format. So it’s pretty much simple just to take a printout and perhaps even use the excel sheet for editing purposes.

I am sure after reading this much, there will be one thought that lingers in your mind and that is “I have a full time job and how can I do this and finish it within the specified time frame”. To make an end to your worry, I can honestly say, that it’s been 3 weeks post enrollment, I have completed only 50% of the foundation module, since there are no deadlines. This is your course and you can study it in the pace that you want. There is no hurry at all and this ain’t a rat race. When I heard Saloni say this, I was totally shocked and this gave me a sense of relaxation to work on it in my own time and way.

Even if you don’t have a business degree, the technical aspects of the business and marketing strategies are clearly explained by her (Saloni being a marketing expert herself). So there is nothing to worry at all...

Even if you feel like you are getting stuck, the community that we have are, a no judgement community, nobody in the group has a fear to ask questions and therefore we believe that, only if you ask questions you can grow. I have asked tons of questions and even if Saloni is unavailable, our highest engaging community ensures that your doubts are cleared within a couple of hours and sometimes even minutes.

So don’t fret over anything, because each student in this academy is given an individual attention by her and I have never come across such a dedicated person who cares for her community as much as Saloni

I have met an amazing bunch of empowering creators and the bond and the learning that we share keeps getting stronger as days pass by.

This is my genuine review on HP academy (not a sponsored post) and I would hands down recommend this for anyone who would want to up skill their talent and go beyond the mediocre life.

P.S – In case, you have any more queries, please feel free to reach out to Saloni and your questions will not be left unanswered

Happy learning and hoping to welcome you in our community!

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Munazah Majeed
Munazah Majeed
Apr 17, 2021

Such an insightful post.

I must say, joining HustlePost Academy has truly been an outstanding journey for me so far. This is one of the most beneficial academy one can enrol in.

Prathiba Leo
Prathiba Leo
Apr 17, 2021
Replying to

Thank you so much 😊 and yeah the investment made in HPA is truly worthwhile :)

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