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Top 7 YouTube channels that every millennial should watch!

A decade ago, I remember precisely….YouTube would be the one stop destination for me wherein I would catch all my Disney shows and the latest music videos of the 2000s era. But today, 10 years on, things have taken a different turn. Now, I can say that my perspective has changed in a lot more ways. Today, YouTube is my go to resource whether it is seek motivation or to learn something new. No matter what it is, you can find em here.

I have now become a constant consumer of the platform. So, it all began in mid-2017, when I started seeing YouTube more like a valuable resource than just a nuance of entertainment.

In today’s day and age, there are like 7 of these Youtubers who have influenced me in one way or another. So, here you go!

My top 7 YouTube channels for the generation of today are,

(i) Pick up Limes: This channel is the very first channel where I instantly fell in love with, not only with the content, but with the creator herself. Let me tell you this.Sadia Badei who is the mastermind behind PUL, is a dietician and nutritionist by graduation, but her niche includes veganism, minimalism, productivity and wellness. She produces content that are visually satisfying and are soul rendering at the same time. Her soothing voice is just enough for you to get relaxed. And that’s what I truly love. I am sure you would have heard a lot about her and her channel, but in case you haven’t, I highly recommend you to binge watch her videos:

(ii) Saloni Srivastava:

If there was one person, who inspired me to be a financially independent and a productive person, then I owe the credit to Saloni. Saloni is a person whose content you don’t want to miss if you’re a millennial especially. Her niche includes productivity, finance, lifestyle and food. Her content delivery is top notch as adequate research is carried out before making it into a video. I would hands down recommend her channel for anyone who is searching for inspiration

(iii) Lavendaire:

Aileen Xu is the creative genius behind Lavendaire. This channel is all about self-love, mindfulness, gratitude and self-development. No adult should miss her videos because I have found my way of going back to her content, whenever I feel lost or demotivated. Trust me, they put an instant smile on my face. The aesthetic quality of her videos and the calming vibe that she brings to her videos is what makes her indispensable

(iv) Astridelle:

Sonitha Mandava is a 18 year old college student and a Youtuber who runs Astridelle. Her channel is all about productivity, personal growth and intentional living. Personally, I am taking a YouTube workshop from her and trust me guys, the wisdom and knowledge that she has is incomparable and I haven’t seen a teenager who is as patient as her and who is extremely resilient. She has been running her channel successfully for the past 1 year and her channel is where I go to if I want to binge watch productivity and stationery videos J

(v) Vanessa Lau:

Vanessa is an online business coach for millennials to help one build a powerful and a profitable brand online. She is an entrepreneur and Youtuber by profession. She carries her entrepreneurial vibe wherever she goes and that is visible in her content delivery and videos. I see her more like a professor and I truly believe that she has a lot to offer to the world and especially millennials.

(vi) Matt D ’Avella

Matt is all about productivity, minimalism and film making. His videos are like a school of learnings. It’s like, you literally have to have a pen and paper when you’re watching his videos, because there is so much to learn from Matt’s videos. Some of my personal favorites are the home tour video, a day in the life of a minimalist, journaling for 30 days and quitting social media for 30 days. Also, while you’re at it, please do check out his Netflix documentary on Minimalism. It is something that you wouldn’t wanna miss.

(vii) Marie Kondo

She has been a recent addiction to my list. Marie is someone who creates content on tidying up and gives us hacks on how to stick on to that habit. Not so long ago, I watched her documentary “Tidying up with Marie Kondo” on Netflix and instantly fell in love with her hacks of folding. I am pretty sure you would have heard about “The Kon Mari Effect “and yup, that’s totally her niche!!

If organization is what you love, then Marie Kondo would be my top recommendation to you!!!!!

So, there you have it guys!

These are my top 7 Youtubers that you must watch if you would like to seek motivation online. These Youtubers have created a lasting impact in my life and I hope their videos would be of utmost use to you as well

Happy watching peeps!

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